Bar and Restuarant

Unique and highest place location in the hotel with unimaginable and wonderful panorama,Antique and traditional furniture and wood materials,Hospitality service with a variety of drinks and foods including traditional dish are all what differentiates us from others in the business.

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Lodging service

Mintewab Lodge has 24 guest rooms with king size beds, and 8 with twin beds.   All guest rooms have individual bath and toilet facilities, wireless internet, private thatch-roofed balconies, and rotating and swinging chairs in addition to traditional Ethiopian chairs. 

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Our Difference

Efficient and effective utilization and management of resources and the wonderful environment
Excellent view of Gondar Town  and Wonderful Scenery (Exceptional no other comparable location)

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Welcome to Mintewab Lodge

Mintewab Lodge, a three-star resort hotel, offers breathtaking scenery, magnificent sunrises, and a commanding view of the royal city of Gondar, built in medieval times. Known as the Camelot of Africa, Gondar is one of the leading tourist destinations in Ethiopia, endowed with natural, cultural and historical resources, and famous for its world heritage sites registered by UNESCO. Among these are the imperial enclosure (the fortress-city known as Fasil Ghebbi, including Emperor Fasil's bathing pool), ancient monasteries, and the Simien Mountains National Park with its exotic  plants, animals, and birds, some of which are unique to the region (Walia Ibex, Simien Jackal, Gelada Baboon, Lammergeyer, and many others).

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